How A Plasma Cutter Works?

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how-a-plasma-cutter-works1Before you buy a plasma cutter, it’s always important for you to understand how a plasma cutter uses to work. There are many different types of plasma cutter now coming to the market. Due to this reason, knowing more about how these machines use to work or function can really help you to make the most of them once you buy one for your work shop. These days, you can really find some plasma cutters in the market that are coming with the latest technology like CNC. These machines are highly capable of making the overall cutting operation automated and can even perform precise and accurate cuts time and again. If you will look for the modern industries, then you can find that manipulation of the alloys and heavy metal has become a biggest need.

There is always a need to have the metals in the right shape in order to fabricate tools and accessories. Due to this reason, cutting of different materials has also become enough important at the modern days industries. When you are looking for the best mean to cut the materials, you should think about having a plasma cutter. There are other cutting methods that you can use to cut through different materials, but the kind of convenience that a plasma cutter can offer while cutting materials seems to be unmatchable. From cutting the non ferrous materials to the alloys, these plasma cutters have made cutting of materials look easier than ever before.

When you are looking forward to cut through big, thick and sturdy metals, a plasma cutter can deliver great help. It’s the strength of the metal that uses to play a very important role in terms of deciding which cutting method will be applicable. And when you are thinking about a metal that is equipped with higher strength, plasma cutting may appear as the best choice for you. As metals are really good in terms of resisting the damage, it is really tough to manipulate them and to achieve specified pieces from them. Due to this reason the fabrication units now days are using the plasma cutter instead of other cutting methods or machines.

No matter what sort of metal you want to cut, you will always find plasma cutter are the best machine to cut through the metals. These machines are there since the World War Two and still they are working at different industries. However, certain changes and additions are made for these machines in order to enhance their productivity as well as efficiency. CNC and other technologiesare assigned for these machines in order to make them highly efficient one in terms of cutting through different materials. And at the same time, some manufacturers of these machines are also assigning patented technology in order to make them more favorable for just any working environment.




As far as the function of a plasma cutter is concerned, these machines are really easy to use. They are extremely simple and can be operated even by someone who is new to the cutting job. Due to this reason, this tool has also managed to play a very important role in terms of shaping the world where we use to live. As far as the plasma cutter is concerned, these machines are coming in different shapes, sizes and power range. At some industries you can also find monstrous plasma cutting machines that can use the robotic arms in order to make cuts on different materials. These machines are great in terms of making precise incisions.

You can also avail the portable, and hand held units in the market which are equipped with all the required features that you need to cut through different materials. Regardless of their size, these machines are equipped with super easy functions and bear an almost same design. These machines use to work on the basis of the flow of the plasma. In order to make the cuts by these machines a pressurized gas is generated. For plasma cutter nitrogen, oxygen and argon like gases can be used and such gas can pass through a small and intricate channel. Right at the mid section of such channel, the electrode is located which works as the negative charge.

Once the power is applied for the electrode that is negatively charged, and the tip of that nozzle is touched to the work piece placed on the table, such connection generates the circuit. During this time a very powerful spark will generate between the metal and the electrode. When the high pressure gas uses to pass through that small channel, it can become very hot due to the spark and soon it converts into the 4th state of the matter which we know as plasma. The other three states of the matter are solid, liquid and gas. This type of reaction causes into the plasma that can have a temperature of 30,000 F. and this plasma can move at a speed of 20,000 ft per sec.

With this heat and speed, the plasma starts to melt the metal and also removes the metal scrap easily while generating clean, accurate and perfect cuts. The plasma coming out the machine’s nozzle is electrically conductive and also an ionized stage of the gas that is used to create such plasma. In a plasma cutter, it’s the gas that is electrically conductive is used to transfer the required energy from the power supply and then the plasma is applied on the metal to perform the cuts. Due to this reason, plasma cutting is also considered as a faster cutting process with comparison to the oxy-fuel cutting like method.

For some plasma cutters the shop air is also used to generate the plasma. In a plasma cutter, the plasma uses to come out of the small nozzle that is attached to the torch of the machine and also equipped with a constrict orifice. Due to this reason, the plasma also acquires the required speed. Once the plasma jet uses to reach the required temperature, it can easily pierce through the metal sheet and can even blow away molten materials. There are also some components associated with the plasma cutter. These are the important components and help the plasma cutter to work properly.


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